Call 360 is one of the leading British call centre in Morocco specialized in outsourcing, owned and managed by professionals.

The company itself is based in Brighton in the UK but also has many points all over the world : South Africa, India, The UK and Morocco : Tangier, Marrakesh and Casablanca, Agadir and Tetouan.

Our mission (What makes us different) :

Call 360 offers quality services and it is recognized by its dedication for client satisfaction. Our success is built on our highly motivated, fully trained sales/ customer service workforce. We offer intensive training about the campaigns, communication skills,…..

Our Value :

- Our HR asset is the first most important aspect of our business. Every employee plays a massive role in our company
- Weekly brainstorming meeting to improve creativity by studying all the ideas suggested trying to innovate and improve existing services or create new ones.
- Everyone is dedicated to focus on the daily challenges related to the business, the activity and the environment.

Our Vision :

« Everyone has the right to find a decent job and build a strong professional career»


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