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English test - Beginner level

Durée : 7 minutes Nombre de questions : 25 Nombre de participants : 1 655 Note moyenne : 57.19%

The mastery of english as you know is mandatory for you in order to get hired in english speaking call centers.
This IQ test revolves mainly around syntax. In other words, it is related to the structure of a sentence which will reveal your level of English in general terms.
If you get 80% of the answers correct, we invite you to take the intermediate test.
Don’t hesitate to take the quiz to test your knowledge of English! Best of Luck.



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ABDELKADER NOURI 84%, i wish there was a way to see where did i go wrong
Mohamed amine Berhmani the same my friend the time was run to fast
Hicham Ait lachir i wish i have the possibility to view my mistaken answers !
Ali Beddal not so fast
Soufiane Sanhaji Yeah being able to see the mistaken answers would be very helpful too
Katinan Brumel Tibila 44% et j'ai pas terminé
AIT EL HOUCINE Mohamed taha 80% however, some questions are grammatically irrelevant ...
Ayoub Meskini 88% 4 min
Walid Doublani 72% 5 minutes
MAROUANE ESSAAIDI 96% 5min 33 sec
Marwa Maher 99 % 5 minutes 15 sec
Abdellah El Bouanani 88 NOT BAD AT ALL
Saad Bennani lol the test itself seems like it was made by a beginner
KAOUTAR ABID 48% 5 min 59 sec Classement : 603 sur 808
Nacim Belyaagoubi 88% -3 min 42 sec -Classement : 12 sur 813 ( encountered a few grammatical mistakes nontheless )
Abderrahmane Jamil @saad Bennani I totally agree with what u've said .
Nisrine Zanari 84% in 2mins 54sc
Beadle Robert 88% 3 mins
Leila Laayat 64% not bad lol
Hamza Benjnane 84% not bad
Redouane Hamri 52%
4 min 49 sec
Réponses :
13 bonnes réponses,
12 réponses fausses,
0 question(s) sans réponse
Classement : 720 sur 1073
Ait-brahim-ou-ali Abdeljalil 68% this what i got, that's so shame.
Olaiya Ismail Wow!! i don't always be too swift to answer questions, i don't no whyyyhhhhhhh????????.
Mohamed Radi okey
Kassimi Oussama I got 80% that aint bad
Youssra Mezrari i got 84%
El maroud Hicham not bad
Yassine Hmimou i am looking for a job