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English test - Advanced Level

Durée : 7 minutes Nombre de questions : 25 Nombre de participants : 777 Note moyenne : 34.98%

Hello and welcome to the advanced level English quiz.
This test comprises a wide range of questions about the English language and its technical aspects, including grammar, syntax and vocabulary at a rather advanced level.
Good Luck!



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Tobias Vergeer Hmm, funny, I scored well on the beginners and advanced tests, but flunked the middle one
Mourtaqui Tarik slt je suis intersse par l'offre email: Email masqué tele Tel masqué
EL Mahdi EL HAMRI In this challenging test I scored 68%, and ranked 6 in 131
Abdellah Zhar i believe there is mistakes in if conditional question
Hassan Oukassi 40% Classment 72
Mohamed Razkaoui 56% classement 36
KAOUTAR ABID 20% 5 min 47 sec Classement : 275 sur 342
Nacim Belyaagoubi 68% classement 12
Khalid Hatifi 52% 65 sur 342
Hamza Benjnane 48% i feel bad about it